Letter from the President ~ October 9, 2019
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Letter from the President ~ October 9, 2019

October 9, 2019

Dear Fellow Members,

As we close out the season, I want to keep everyone apprised of several recent developments at the Seabright Beach Club.

Chef Ken Held

 We have decided not to renew Chef Ken Held’s contract for next year.  Chef Ken was with our club for over 17 years, and we greatly appreciate everything he did for us during that period.  Those of you who worked with him directly – whether planning a private party or perhaps one of the club’s events – witnessed firsthand his dedication to making every meal at our club special and memorable.

We will continue that tradition as we move in a new direction.  We have begun our search for a new chef, and we are looking for someone who can train and lead our kitchen staff while also responding to our members’ needs.  We appreciate everyone’s suggestions to date, and we welcome any additional suggestions or ideas for candidates that people may have.  To that end, please email any questions, suggestions or recommendations to newchef@seabrightbc.org, and we will reply promptly.

125th Anniversary Celebration

The 125th Anniversary Committee is planning a full slate of events and activities for next summer.  The main event will be a Gala Dinner Dance on Saturday, June 27th, followed by a brunch on Sunday June 28th.  We will have additional activities, exhibits and get-togethers throughout the summer.  More details and information will follow later this fall.

New Website

On a final note, the new website is up and running.  As promised, access is much easier with only a single password required.  Please visit the site by clicking www.seabrightbc.org.  The current password is “SBC2019,”  which we ask that you not share with any non-members.  We will continue to update the site over the winter months.   We hope you enjoy it and welcome any feedback or suggestions.

As always, feel free to reach out to me or any member of our Board of Governors if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,

Brett Lawrence, President