Opening May 23rd with New Rules
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Opening May 23rd with New Rules

Opening May 23rd with New Rules

May 19, 2020


Dear Members,

We are scheduled to open on Saturday, May 23rd at 10:00 a.m.  As I’ve mentioned several times now, this summer is going to be different – very different.  We will open with fairly severe restrictions in place, and hopefully the most onerous ones will be short-term.  We didn’t have any choice here.  Our opening protocol, along with all the other beach clubs in Sea Bright, had to be formally approved by the Police Department and Office of Emergency Management for Sea Bright.  Our new rules, which are in effect until further notice, are attached.  We ask that you review them carefully.  While there are a lot of restrictions in place, I think the overarching point is to use good judgment – both in deciding whether or not to visit the beach club (depending on your own personal health) and once you are at the beach club.  While we have implemented significant additional steps to minimize any spread of the COVID-19 virus, we need everyone’s cooperation.  Please bear in mind that 40% of our membership is 70 or older, and 20% of our membership is 80 or older.  We all need to take this very seriously.

I want to call a number of new rules to everyone’s attention:

  • As of now, our pools are NOT permitted to be open. Pools are governed by the Regional Health Commission, and we are hopeful that we will be permitted to open them shortly.
  • We have received many questions about our “no-guest” policy.  We are not trying to exclude anyone: this is strictly about controlling density on our premises.  We anticipate that this requirement will be short-term – hopefully, a matter of weeks.  However, it was crucial to our receipt of approval from Sea Bright Police and OEM.  Once this requirement is loosened, we intend to permit immediate family members living in the same household (i.e., children who are at least 30 or not included in the Family Registration Form) to visit the beach club as guests.
  • Every member, every child over the age of 18 who is included on a Family Registration Form, every employee and every caregiver is required to sign the attached waiver prior to visiting our club.  Unfortunately, we need to take this precaution given the high level of risk associated with COVID-19.  This waiver is also available on our website and at the front entrance.  Please review and sign it.  We request that you mail it in this week in order to streamline the process of your first visit to the Beach Club.
  • We will be monitoring members’ and employees’ temperatures using a no-contact sensor at our entrance.  If anyone’s temperature is equal to or more than 100.4 degrees, per CDC guidelines, that person will be denied entrance to the beach club.
  • Masks will be required for everyone over the age of 2 while in a covered area or a place where they are unable to practice social distancing.
  • Children under 12 are required to have parental supervision. In addition, children under 12 are NOT permitted to order food or beverages on their own; parents must order for them.  Parents will also be responsible for ensuring that their children are practicing social distancing at all times.
  • There will not be much shade.  As of now, we have closed our Club Room, gazebo and Team Room, and we have removed all furniture from all covered areas (including the porch, bar area and Ocean Terrace) to allow people to practice social distancing.  Cabanas will be open.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Please bring ice water down in your own container.  We will not have an ice chest out for common use, and while ice will be served with beverages or upon request, we want to avoid lines.  Our water refill stations will be fully operative.
  • We will be rotating our beach chairs on a 3-day basis.  We have 570 beach chairs, so we will be able to put 190 out each day, which should be sufficient until July.  However, if you are nervous about this, you are encouraged to bring your own beach chair.
  • Beach boys will install and adjust beach umbrellas.  Please do not touch the club’s beach umbrellas.  If you bring your own beach umbrella, you may install and adjust it.
  • We will have a zero tolerance policy.  As a membership, our ongoing compliance is our sole line of defense against members contracting COVID-19 while at our beach club, so we ask everyone to be mindful of these rules at all times.  If you see someone violating a rule, please do not confront them directly.  Instead, please speak to the Manager-on-Duty, who will address the situation.

If any group can digest and enforce an arcane set of rules, it’s our membership.  Some of you have Hall of Fame rule-absorption and enforcement skills.  This is your summer to shine.

Finally, I note that our boardwalk will be open again on Friday May 22 nd.  Governor Murphy’s Order, which enabled us to open this weekend, goes into effect at 6 a.m. on Friday, so if you want to come down to the beach on Friday to walk on our boardwalk and sit in one of our 304 available chairs, please do.  We will not formally be open until Saturday.  We hope that as the summer progresses, we will be able to loosen many of these constraints.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding this summer.


Brett Lawrence, President

Brett Lawrence